NLMA asks UMMWDO to provide historical background of Ima Sara Bibi


Imphal: Secretary of steering committee of Nupi Lal Memorial Association (NLMA), Longjamba Meeitei Netaji said the photograph of Ima Sara Bibi was removed from Nupi Lal Memorial complex as the association cannot find her historical background.

The secretary urged United Manipur Muslim Women Development Organisation (UMMWDO) to provide historical proof that Ima Sara Bibi was one of the protestor during Nupi Lal.

Netaji was speaking at NMLA office, Tera Loukrakpam Leikai, Imphal West on Wednesday.

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He said that the all photographs that are kept inside the Nupi Lal Memorial Complex have historical background related to Nupi Lal.

As narrated made by Ima Rajani who was one of the lead protestor during Nupi Lal, a book entitled as “Nupi Lal” was released in December 12, 1980 by the then chief minister Rishang Keishang. In that book the name of Ima Sara Bibi is not included and Ima Rajani also did not mentioned about the said protestor during her narration.

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In December 10, 2013, UMMWDO sent a letter to the association requesting to recommend 30 muslim women protestors who were said to have participated during Nupi Lal. While the association was doing research on the 30 muslim women protestors, the photograph of Ima Sara Bibi was found placed among the photographs of Nupi Lal women protestors at the Nupi Lal Memorial Complex, he added.

Netaji questioned who gave the recommendation of Ima Sara Bibi among the women protestors. Without having historical background how can UMMWDO claimed Ima Sara Bibi as leading protestors among the Muslim community.

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If the claim is made related to the Nupi Lal drama, who wrote the script of the drama? He asked.

Netaji said the Nupi Lal protestors will be taken genuine if the said protestor has historical background of at least 6 months jail in connection with the Nupi Lal movement.


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