Ranjit urges government to press Centre to solve border disputes


Imphal: Opposition MLA K. Ranjit Singh urged the government through the assembly floor to press the central government to solve the border dispute issue.

Ranjit raised the issue as disapproval of policy cut motion in ‘Police’ on account of inability to establish the correct position of the border pillars during the ongoing 3rd session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly on Saturday.

Ranjit informed the House that in the state there is 35 km border dispute including border pillar 64-68; 75-79; 88-95; 73-75 and 80-81. He said various civil society organisations had claimed that there is border dispute in border fencing at border pillar number 80-81. The border fencing work at the area was stopped, but the construction agency ‘BRTF’ continues the fencing work hideously.

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He appealed the government to press the central government with the consent of MoS RK Ranjan to solve the border fencing work at the earliest. He said with the incomplete border fencing work, the state is also facing various unwanted crimes including importing of drugs through the porous border.

Responding to the policy cut motion, leader of the House, N. Biren Singh who is also Home minister said at present the central government is continuing border fencing work for a distance of 10.23km near border pillar number 80-81. However, some of the villagers settled in the said area claimed that there is border dispute in some areas of a distance of 350 meters.

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He said he held meeting with the construction agency and villagers and elaborated the issues of the area.

Biren said the issue will be informed to the central government and will press to complete the construction work. Regarding the other border disputed area, he said the government will try to solve from time to time with the border fencing work.

Further, clarifying the policy cut motion raised by opposition MLA Th. Lokeshwar on account of lack of policy for transfer and posting of security personnel, Biren said the government has already issued order on transfer and posting policy.

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In the order it is mentioned that any security personnel will be transferred to different locations with a year gap of 2 years. He said the order will be implemented soon.

Informing the House clarifying the policy cut motion raised by Lokeshwar on account of lack of proper policy for recruitment for Jemadars (IRB), Biren said the pending recruitment result for Jemadars (IRB) will be declared soon. Due to pandemic and transfer posting of chairman of the recruitment committee there was delay in declaration of result, he added.

For the delay in disbursing 13th month’s pay for the police personnel, Biren assured the House the government will try to disburse the pending salary by March.


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