Centre approves 2 industrial estate for Manipur, more on pipeline


Imphal: Manipur government has already set up six industrial estate and Centre has approved to set up another two more industrial estate in Imphal East and Senapati district, Textile, Commerce and industry minister Nemcha Kipgen informed the House on Wednesday during its third session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly.

Minister Nemcha was made the statement while clarifying the motion for disapproval of policy cut raised by opposition MLA K. Meghachandra.

The Opposition raised the motion for disapproval of policy cut in the demand Textile, Commerce and Industry on account of ‘need to set up new industries of various trades’, ‘ lack of initiatives for effective implementation of the Indo-Myanmar border Trade Agreeement’.

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Nemcha informed the House that at present the state has six industrial estate and the central government has approved to set up two more in Imphal East and Senapati districts. She said the government is also planning to set up more industrial estates in the remaining districts of Manipur.

Meghachandra informed the House that the many betel nuts are imported from Myanmar illegally, however, no locals of the state are able to take the business on betel nut. It has high demand in mainland India not only for consumption but also for dying of fabrics. If the state government takes some initiatives to allow trade of betel nut the economy of the state could be increased easily, he added.

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Seeking information from the concerned minister, Meghachandra asked through the Speaker, what necessary steps the government is taking to increase state’s economy on Indo-Myanmar Border Trade agreement.

Nemcha informed the House that Indo-Myanmar trade agreement was signed in January 21, 1994 and made operational in April 12, 1995. During the initial period 22 items were allowed for trade and after that 18 more items were added. In December 1, 2015 under the trade agreement a total of 62 items are presently allow for trade, she added.

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Indo-Myanmar trade has been temporary suspended since pandemic and political instability in Myanmar. However, the central government is taking various initiatives to increase economy after resuming the trade, Nemcha said.


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