Civilians found buying IMFL from security force canteen will be booked: Biren


Imphal: Committee report of white paper on partial lifting of liquor from the state will be completed by March end and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) selling in security canteen are not for civilians, the government will booked those if found buying IMFL from the security canteen, said Leader of the House, N.Biren Singh.

Biren informed the House on Friday in 3rd session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly responding to the question raised by opposition MLA K. Ranjit Singh.

Seeking information from the home minister Biren Singh, Ranjit Singh asked what necessary steps has been taken by the state government after the state cabinet’s decision on partial lifting on ban on alcohol in the state.

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Is there any provision for legalisation of distilled indigenous country (DIC) liquor that are manufactured in the areas of Sekmai and Andro? Is it permissible to buy IMFL by a civilian from the security canteen? And do state collect tax from selling of DIC liquor? Ranjit asked.

He said the state police seized huge amount of liquors including IMFL and DIC liquor before the state cabinet’ decision on partial lifting of liquor. After the state cabinet decision taken on partial lifting of alcohol the police officials has become silent and number of liquor vendor has been increasing. He asked on the present status of legalisation of alcohol.

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Biren informed the House that after the state cabinet’s decision on partial lifting of alcohol from the state, an expert committee has formed to produce a white paper in order to seek opinion from the public in masses. On legalisation of DIC liquors the report will be included in the white paper.

He informed the House that buying IMFL by a civilian from security canteen is illegal. However, till date no civilian was found buying IMFL from security canteen. He said if any civilian is found buying IMFL from security canteen then the police will book those and will take necessary action.

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In the year 2021-22 the state government had collected tax as excise duty of Rs 15.52 crore, he added.


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