Poppy cultivation destroyed


March: Kangpokpi Forests Division carried out destruction of illegal poppy cultivation in the hill ranges of Tolthang, near M Ngamneh , Saikul sub-Ddvision whereby a total of 2.5 acres was cleared of poppy cultivation.

The team was led by  Nitesh Khullem, Forester, Saikul Range of Kangpokpi Division. A total of 15  Forest personnel participated in the poppy destruction drive.

The division acted swiftly on a clip which was  circulated in social media regarding an unidentified area under illegal poppy cultivation, by launching an investigation. Once the site was located, the destruction drive was planned and the concerned DC was requested to depute a Magistrate to oversee the destruction process. Thereafter, the destruction was carried out as per law and under the supervision of deputed Magistrate. FIR and PORs will be filed against the poppy cultivators.

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As a part of the government’s effort on “ War on Drugs”, the division has been carrying out destruction of illegal poppy cultivation from the month of November till date. So far destruction drive has been carried out at 36 (thirty six) sites at different hill ranges under the division. Till date,  a total of 62 Ha inside Reserved Forest, 206.3 Ha inside Protected Forest and 81.43 Ha under Unclassed Forest , a total of 350.75 Ha of area under illegal poppy cultivation has been cleared.

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As per Indian Forests Act,1927 read with Manipur Forests Rules, 2021, breaking up of land for any non forestry purposes are illegal acts and as such, any person found to have committed such illegal activities is punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine, or with both, in addition to such compensation for damage done to the forest as the convicting Court may direct to pay.

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Ganesh, Divisional Forests officer, Kangpokpi Forests Division reiterated that illegal poppy cultivation is a serious threat not only to the society but also to the environment with uncontrolled deforestation and use of liberal chemical fertilizers in the upland slopes impacting the environment as well as posing health hazards to those living in the surrounding villages. He also stated that under the leadership and guidance of the chief minister and Forest minister, such an achievement is made possible. With such continued support the state can be made free of the menace to the society.


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