Manipur Police appeals to maintain peace and harmony in Yaoshang


Imphal: Manipur Police has appealed to the people to cooperate in maintaining peace and harmony, and not to disturb public tranquility and traffic during the Yaoshang festival that begins on Tuesday.

Ahead of the Holi festival, a meeting was organised with Police department and Editors of local dailies on Tuesday.

The Addl. DGP (L/O), Manipur, L. Kailun appealed to the people to cooperate in maintaining peace and harmony during the festival.

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In order to deal with any untoward situation, all the police station officers were instructed to maintained strict vigil on anti-social elements and intensive patrolling by the local police, to organise meeting with the locals and clubs to work out any programs including sports activities.

The Police department encouraged organising sport activities by locals. However, such activities should not disturb public tranquility and traffic. Further, the public are requested to avoid from the public utterances like obscene words or slogans, or singing of obscene songs; use of gestures or mimetic representations and the preparation, exhibition or dissemination of pictures, symbols, placards or any other objects or things which may offend dignity, decency or morality; practice of spraying or throwing coloured water, dyes or powder on pedestrians; and throwing of balloons filled with coloured or plain water or any liquid, the state police department said.

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The police department, Manipur wishes the people of Manipur a happy, peaceful and a joyous Holi, the festival of colours.


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