MP Sanajaoba appeals to uplift Manipur Tourism sector


Imphal: Tourism will be the key to a sustainable economy for Manipur in the future, Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba highlighted the significant landscape, culture, tradition and hospitality of Manipur which are vital to boost the tourism industry.

Speaking during the inaugural of Sanalei Resort at Lamsang in Imphal West on Monday, Sanajaoba who is also the titular king of Manipur, stressed the need to give emphasis in uplifting the tourism industries by utilising the resources which have been already granted by the Almighty.

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With the improvement of law and order situation in the last five-six years the inflow of tourists in the state has increased at a great extent, he said.

The state officially recorded as many as five lakh tourists in the recent Sangai Festival, he added.

Sanajaoba stressed the need to establishimany resorts as most of the foreign tourist prefer to stay at resort rather than star hotels.

Besides resorts are a good place for recreational purpose, which is a very much needed by the working people, he added.

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Concerning the misuses of resorts and other recreational places by few individuals for indecency activities, the MP appealed to the people of the state to be responsible citizens.


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